About Us

Who we are?

TourismJobs Cyprus is a recruitment agency which provides job opportunities in the Cypriot Tourism Industry. We enable people interested in working at hospitality and tourism industry to find a job in Cyprus. Moreover, we aim to help any kind of business in these fields that is in need of staff, to recruit employees that meet their operations’ needs.

What we do?

• Our recruitment agency provides you with job opportunities in Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Clubs, Strip Clubs and any other business of tourism industry in Cyprus

• We offer Internship placements to students of Tourism Colleges

• Tourismjobs Cyprus offers recruitment solutions to tourism businesses in Cyprus, by introducing suitable staff to meet their needs.

How it works?

1. The applicant fills in the suitable application form and provides our agency with the information needed

2. Their CV and personal info are entered in our database

3. We update the database updating with any new piece of information

4. We offer the most suitable job available to the applicant

Please consider that the information given is absolutely confidential and will only be used for the purposes of the recruitment agency. Our agency has the role of intercessor and does not hire professionals of any kind on behalf of its partners.

Why Us?

• Our agency is linked with all kind of tourism business, throughout Cyprus

• There is always the possibility of alternative solutions, in case the job position of first choice does not reach to an agreement between the two sides involved

• After the recruitment, Tourismjobs Cyprus will stay in touch with you in order to assist you in any potential problems

We look forward to start working with you!