About Cyprus

Few facts about Cyprus:

Cyprus is an island located in Southeast Mediterranean sea.It is an independent country since 1960 and an EU member since 2004. Its currency is the Euro. Half of the island is occupied since 1974. The capital of the country is Nicosia, while its international airport is in Larnaca and its international port is in Limassol. The population in the Republic of Cyprus controlled area is 838,897 (October 2011 census preliminary result). It has a warm climate, silver sanded beaches and it is one of the major tourist attractiveareas in Europe. What make the island special are the friendly and welcoming people and its excellent local cuisine.
Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus located at the center of the island, 53 km from the airport.It has 325.760 citizens and hosts the majority of the political, business and financial headquarters as well as the government headquarters.
Limassol is located at the southern coast of the island. It is the second largest city of Cyprus, very important for its international port and the trade companies that operate at the area. It has 155000 citizens, while it hosts the most popular carnival events of the country. The marina of Limassol was rebuilt in 2014 at the old port and nowadays hosts various luxury services spots.
Larnaca is Located at the southern coast hosting the International Airport of Cyprus and many cafeterias, bars, restaurants and clubs. Recently, new and luxury hotels and other relevant companies were built after the renovation of the whole area of “Piale Pasha”, the area that connects “Foinikoudes” with “Makenzie”.
Ayia Napa & Protaras
Ayia Napa & Protaras are located in the south-east coast of Cyprus. The area is the major tourist attraction in Cyprus. It hosts more than 300 hotels and apartments, several restaurants, café, bars, beach bars and clubs. The nightlife of Ayia Napa is famous worldwide, since every summer the whole area is crowded by people from all over the world. During summer season lots of parties and concerts are hosted in Ayia Napa. The area is also famous for its beautiful, silver-sanded beaches, such as Nissi Beach, Konnos Beach and Fig-Tree Bay.
Paphos is located in the south-west coast of Cyprus hosting the second International Airport of Cyprus, several luxury Hotels, Restaurants, Café, Bars and Clubs. It is well-known for its tourist attractions, such as Paphos Castle or the Rock of Aphrodite.
Troodos & the Mountains
Troodos is the highest peak of Mount Olympos, which is located at the center of the Island. It hosts several traditional villages, such as Kakopetria, Platres and Kalopanayiotis, that attract lots of tourists every year.